Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AIGA Seattle

Mark Ryan mentioned the AIGA in an earlier post, and I wanted to make a comment on that. I know that it's expensive to join, but if you can afford it and plan to get involved, it will be worth it for you. If you can't afford to become a member, nearly all events are also open to non-members and there are some really interesting and fun things to go see and do - not to mention the best networking opportunities.

The next event is this Friday and it's titled 'Pixel Punch-Out: Round 1' http://www.aigaseattle.org/events/pixel-punchout-round1

"The Elite Eight"

Watch, learn, and whoop as eight of Seattle's top design talents go the distance in round one of this three-round tournament. Designers race against the clock (and each other) as they design their pixels off! Who will  go down for the count Who will survive to to face the next challenge? At the end of the night, majority decision decides which four designers move on to the next round.
The Elite Eight are Nate Johnson of frog, Bryan Mamaril of Hornall Anderson, Zach Pfriem of Ascentium, Brian Piper of Tether, and Anasazi Wade and Jeff Barlow of Starbucks Global Creative, Josh Peters of Cicada, and Tara Lee of Graphiti.
Come out Friday to cheer them on, then get ready for Round 2 Friday, April 15 and the champion-crowning Round 3 Friday, May 6. Opening bell is 7:00 P.M. and time will be called precisely at 8, so don't be late!

It's $8 for student non-members, free to members.

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